Speeding Tickets for Out-of-state Drivers in Virginia

Virginia has stricter speeding laws than many other states, and it is a good idea for drivers to know these laws before they visit Virginia. When out-of-state drivers find themselves with a speeding ticket in Virginia, it is often too late that they discover that it carries a higher charge of reckless driving. More often than not, they also discover their best option is to hire a lawyer in Virginia to go to court for them.

Reckless Driving
Reckless driving is defined differently in Virginia than it is in most other states. If a person is driving 20 miles over the speed limit in Virginia, it is considered reckless driving. Reckless driving can carry serious consequences, as it is regarded as a criminal misdemeanor.

Charges Forwarded to Home State
Out-of-state drivers should also be aware that if they are convicted in Virginia, their home state will be notified. In some cases, there can be further consequences handed down by their home state, in addition to those received in Virginia.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney
If you receive a speeding ticket, whether an infraction or a charge of reckless driving, it is of great interest that you hire an attorney in Virginia. Virginia attorneys are well-versed in the traffic laws of Virginia and can help. If you decide to contest the ticket, the attorney will go to court for you, making it unnecessary for you to come back to Virginia for court. The attorney will also know if there are options available to you for your particular case.

As seen here, Virginia has some of the strictest speeding laws of any state because their charges are based on speed and not individual incidents. If you have received a speeding ticket or a cost of reckless driving, the first thing you should do is hire an attorney in Virginia to help you with your court case. You will most likely save time, money, and possible additional charges if you let the attorney go to court for you instead of trying to defend yourself.